Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In need

Okay, before I start this, lemme just say that I know I'm not truly in need. I'm more, um, in want.
So here's what I need want. I wanna know the best bag out there for knitting and general schlepping around. I currently have a (large, misshapen) purse from Target. It's been made to carry a small knitting project, two small thermoses of latte, a checkbook/wallet, a small case of crochet hooks, an iPod, a cell phone, a bottle of salad dressing, occasionally bits of my lunch in tupperware or baggies, the occasional diaper, sippy, binky and travel pack of wipes, and various and sundry pens, lipsticks and chibis. This bag is not big enough, and its straps do not stay on my shoulder. It has those short straps that place the bag right under your arm. These are not bad per se, but the bag is so fat with crap that they don't work as designed.
I know about Jordana Paige bags. I actually like the features, but none of the styles appeal to me. (If she made a leather messenger bag in all the colors of the satchel, I'd be all over them.) I have seen large totes at Land's End (not enough pockets), backpacks everywhere(not a student anymore), cute little thrifted bags(not thrifty), etc. I need the best ideas. I want something that's less than $100 but that doesn't make me feel like a bag lady. You commuters out there, what can you tell me? I generally walk to and/or from work, about a mile, so I don't want something unwieldy. (What I want is for Jordana to make a backpack in all those satchel colors, with a matching wallet and a front pocket for either my knitting or my coffee/lunch.) I'll even consider making the bloody thing if someone points me to a pattern. Oh yeah, and it has to have a closure. I love the French Market bag, but OMG everything would fall out as soon as I set it down, and I'm not interested in following my toddler around, collecting the contents of my bag.