Friday, March 23, 2007

Madly socking, take two

We got the new pattern last night. There weren't any closeup photos I could find, so I'm kinda knitting blind, but so far I like this pattern. The cuff is pretty cool, and the stitch is making my Elann Esprit Print (colorway Lilac Medley) flash in the neatest way. I kinda wish the whole sock would do that. I might be anal enough to think about knitting backwards for sock #2 so the flashing goes the other way. Yup, I just might. Guess it depends on how badly I want to win this thing, because I'd actually have to learn to knit backwards before I could do that. I'm not super crazy about working with the Esprit - the elastic in it is pretty firm, so it kinda fights being knit, but I like the thick, dense fabric it's making with this stitch. Someone in the group is knitting with a rainbow colored yarn (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, maybe?) and it is coming out BEAUTIFULLY. You can see all the progress photos here.