Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Madly socking

K, y'all, there are some damn fast knitters out there in the world. Sock Madness Pattern #1 was released on Saturday morning, and there were people who finished A WHOLE PAIR OF SOCKS IN ONE DAY. I try not to cuss on my blog, but HOLY SHIT, people. That truly IS mad.
I did get in to town to get my pattern and was able to print it and the figure 8 cast on instructions no problem. I wasn't actually able to cast on until late that night, and only managed to finish the toe on Saturday. (A whole pair of socks, people!!!) It was a hot day and the Bug was a little monster - no fences and a whole big campground to run around in will really wind a little guy up. Anyway, DH was nice enough to give me a couple of hours of knitting time on Sunday, and between that and the (ridiculously rough) ride home, I got to the heel.
Yesterday, of course, I had to work, so I didn't get to knit again until about 8pm last night. I got the heel turned, figured out why I ALWAYS have holes at the sides of my short row heels, and got half the leg done. I had thought I'd stay up until I finished the sock, but really, what's the use in killing myself and being miserable all day? A few more repeats and the ribbing and I'll be done with this sock and casting on for the second. I have SnB tonight, so after dinner I'll have a few hours of knitting time, interrupted only by giggling and coffee-drinking. Maybe tomorrow I will have a finished sock to show you. I will try to sort through the lake photos and post some of those, too - knitting by the lake really does rock.
ETA: I ordered the rest of my yarn for the sock contest from the Loopy Ewe. I placed my order at approximately 11am Friday, I received shipping notification at 1pm Friday, and my yarn (and blue chibi, hee!) were waiting for me at my home on Monday afternoon, with a hand-written note about the yarns I'd ordered. Wendy wasn't kidding - those people are GOOD. I'll be using them again.
Also, I haven't updated my mileage, but I HAVE been walking. Miles since last update: 5.