Monday, March 26, 2007

Quietly, sanely socking

It's over, I have been beaten. Brittany finished before I did, with some springy Mad-tinis that look extra comfy. Congratulations to her, she gets to go on to the next level of sock knitting, with all its associated (self-induced) pressure and madness. We mad sockers take crazy to the next level, oh yeah.
Anyway, here are my Madtinis:


I have since finished that one and knit my way into the leg of the second. Next time I knit anything timed, please oh please remind me not to use Elann Esprit or Cascade Fixation. I swear, the Elann was fighting me. It is not the most pleasant yarn to work with. That being said, though, it makes a wonderful snuggly, dense fabric and I enjoy it. There are lots of PSSOs in the Mad-tini pattern, and while pretty, they are hard to work when your yarn doesn't wanna go where you tell it. A simpler pattern would probably be easily done in this yarn. I have another ball of the variegated (lilac medley) and three balls of matching lilac, so I'll try something with that combination. I do LOVE the way the cuff flashed in that yarn.
Anyway, I'm back to knitting at my leisure, though I really am enjoying the ability to churn out a pair of socks in a week. Don't you love it when you do something that seemed so far beyond your abilities before you tried it?