Friday, March 16, 2007

Well, wouldja lookit that?

I blew right past my one-year blogging anniversary. Right past. Counting by this here blog, my first post was on 3/7/06. I had briefly toyed with Livejournal prior to this, making my real inaugural post 1/31/06, but I hated Livejournal and wanted rings and buttons in my sidebars. I started a blog for the express purpose of having someplace to post the Knitting Olympics gold medal (that I didn't win). Tee hee - now that I think about it, my KO project was my first pair of socks, and I knitted my heart out and still couldn't do it in two weeks plus a little with a kid who wasn't even mobile yet. Now, here I am, knitting a (too big!) pair in five days while chasing a toddler. I've come a long way, baby.
Ain't life grand?
I should do something to commemorate the fact that I have been pushing my opinions on you writing this blog for so long. But what should I do?