Thursday, March 08, 2007


Who knew there were so many cool bags out there? I really really need to shop more places than Target. So far I have it narrowed down to either a Kecci, a Timbuk2, an Amy Butler, one from Ellington, or a lexie barnes.
Actually, I found features in all of those that I like, and some that I have concerns about. I love the hidden backpack straps in the Kecci, I love the versatility of the Timbuk2, I love that I can make my own Amy Butler, I love the look of the Ellington, and I love the double zippered pockets in the lexie barnes. Oh, to be so wealthy that I could design one and have it custom-made...
(Actually, there are probably a zillion perfect bags out there, but WHY won't people show me the insides? I need pockets, people!)
So, it turns out that I also suck at charts. So far I have ripped probably as many rows as I have successfully knit. Oy. Faina is proceeding, and I have finally gotten to the straight part with the proper number of stitches, but I have come to the conclusion that I MUST have no distractions when I knit, and I must count at the end of every row. And it would be nice if I had one of those bouncing balls, like in those old singalong shows, to mark my place as I knit each stitch.
I have no knitting with me, because of this, and I feel naked. I have no sock on the go right now because I am preparing for Sock Madness. The first pattern will be released this weekend, and I want to start it right away. I have my yarn and needles all set and packed to go camping at the lake with me. I will have to drive 30 miles to the nearest town to get the pattern, and I'll be hours behind everyone else because I have to wait until the library opens and hope like heck they have the right program I need to open the file, and then drive back. I don't expect I'll get a whole lot of knitting done during the days anyway, since I will be busy chasing The Bug away from the mud at the edge of the lake. (I'm pretty sure this kid was reincarnated from a previous life as a mud skipper.) However, I will also be bringing my headlamp, so as to knit in the evenings, after Bug has gone to bed to dream his muddy little dreams. I only hope that there are no charts involved.