Thursday, June 07, 2007

All good things

must come to me!
(Well, I shouldn't say "must", but I feel like I'm on the receiving end of some extra knitterly love lately.)

First, look at the cute stitch markers Blogless Lynn made me!

Tiny purple sockies.

Next, I won Elizabeth's contest and am to be the recipient of some yummy roving! (It's the top one, with the purple, colorway Snaps.)

I am in love with my eyelet sweater and Classic Elite Four Seasons. Especially the little scalloped edging.

Pretty scallops, blurriness notwithstanding.

But seriously, how on earth does one finish an actual sweater when one row (of the back only!) takes like 15 minutes?!

Finally, the Yarn Goddess has taken pity on me and has sent me a Gryffindor pattern in a dream. I must swatch before I talk about it, but I think it can work, and IT'S NOT STRIPES! YAY!

Why do y'all let her do this kind of thing?