Monday, June 04, 2007

Defeat or Impasse?

At what point do you admit that the cool idea you had isn't working out?

[sigh] Argyles.

I love the idea of the Gryffindor argyles, and I can scarcely stand to make striped socks like everyone else, but really, they weren't working out. I haven't given up on argyles in general, but at this time, they're too complex, and I have too many other complex things to finish. [sigh again]
So, any ideas for maroon and gold socks that aren't horizontally striped? I have considered checkerboard, checkboard-on-point, and barberpole stripes, all of which would be stranded and therefore a helluva lot easier to do. Should I just suck it up and do plain ol' stripes and quit being s'damn picky?
As for the rest of my projects on the schedule, I had a modicum of success. I actually did knit a few rows on the eyelet sweater, I knit quite a bit on the blue Vermont socks (they're my work knitting too), and actually picked Faina up, although I didn't knit on her any. I would feel better about all of it if I could FIND the shrek lace. Dammit. I might actually have to clean or tidy something to find it, which is drastic measures indeed.
And now for the requisite bug picture: