Friday, June 29, 2007


It's the only thing I can think - I am no longer a nupp virgin. I have nupped the nupps. I love the word nupp. I wanna name my next kid nupp. In George Foreman style, I wanna change the Bug's name to nupp. I want quadruplets named nupp. Nupp nupp nupp.

Nupp nupp nupp.

Swallowtail is proving to be a very satisfying knit. We got word yesterday that the friend for whom this is being knit will have to do several rounds of chemotherapy, so I'm even more glad I chose the Sea Silk to knit it. I know chemo can do funky things to the body and affects everyone differently, so I hope that the yarn is gentle and soothing to her. And I hope she likes nupps.

Bug likes nupps.

Whadda ham.

Not now, Daddy, I haven't had my coffee yet.

This weekend, Mystery Stole 3 and Hogwarts Socks!