Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A day without sunshine is like night.

Yesterday was surreal in the extreme. We had storms upon storms that lashed our little town, hailed buckets, flooded every street for miles around, and the weather service said we got 1.5 inches. Yeah, maybe in that first ten minutes, but what about the rest of the hour, yo? Anyway, five minutes after arriving home safe with the Bug, DH rolled in with dinner. (Thinking ahead is a quality I value in a man.) Five minutes after that, the power blew. Our transformers control one row of houses, so the row behind ours still had power, as did all our neighbors across the street. DH hooked up the generator to watch movies with The Bug while I ran off to SnB. (My PT, who seems to know what he's doing despite the Jeff Goldblum-like mumbling, referred to it as Stitches and Bitches when I told him to invite his wife.)
We have been going to a little market with a cafe, where you can get a salad from the salad bar, a hot meal-of-the-day, coffee, bakery items, or a few groceries. Last night, the staff was behaving in such an odd way that I think "medicinal" marijuana might be provided by their health plan. At one point a kid at our table spilled a giant cup of Hi-C, so there was a four foot puddle of pink on the floor. I asked for a rag and a mop while I was paying for my coffee, and the gal wandered off in a state of bemusement, came back and stood RIGHT NEXT TO the puddle, and said, "Now, where are you sitting?"
Um, right there by the PINK PUDDLE.
She said, "Oh, wow, I'll need a mop for that."
Yeah, that's why I asked for one.
She wandered off (I'm thinking a little of Luna Lovegood here) to get a mop and comes back with a large Russian guy with a huge floor cleaning machine. The manager wandered by right then and said NO, and he said, "Is GUUD!" She said no again, and he went back for the mop. He was so angry at being denied the floor cleaner that he was flinging the mop furiously, covering our feet with ice and soda and slamming chairs out of the way.
Then I realized I had never gotten my brownie, so when I asked for it, she said, "Yeah, I got it." I had to tell remind her she'd never gotten it out of the case. She got one out and folded it all up tightly in paper before putting it on the plate. Completely baked.
After negative knitting progress, I went home to find the power STILL out. Fine, whatever, I went to bed, and was kept awake most of the night by the neighbor's horrible, hateful, awful, rotten yappy dog. And their roosters. (I peeked over the fence today and I think they keep their roosters in a shed, which is why they have NO FREAKING CLUE that it's MIDNIGHT and most sensible animals would be ASLEEP.) Power was restored at midnight, and at 3am, DH thought it was a good idea to turn on the lights and reset the clock. Oy.

I wasn't kidding about The Pit of Despair.


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I'll help, Mama, I have snacks and water for a week in here...