Friday, July 06, 2007

Head down and workin'

That's me. No chat (hi, La, remember me?), less than normal email, little phone time. I am buried under work and knit deadlines, some of which are self-imposed. I finished the beautiful Swallowtail shawl with plenty of yarn to spare, and it's currently blocking. In this heat it's probably already dry, but I have yet to unpin it. We recently bought some lake-near property (that's when it's just a hop to the lake, but isn't actually lakefront) and DH has dropped everything to run off and play. Well, he's not really playing, he's hooking up utilities, cleaning up the lot and moving the ancient mobile home that's on there, in the eleventy-hundred degree heat. (We were there dropping of some stuff on Wednesday and the temp in my car said 140. Heh.) The Bug and I have been holding down the fort at home, but we're off tonight to join DH, and then have a family-type weekend in Phoenix.
Wish me luck on the Hogwarts sock. I can't believe I piddled away all that time working on non-stripe patterns and ended up with a stripe pattern anyway. D'oh. Oh well. I hope there will be photos of some FOs when I get back to the land of the Connected (the new place has no phone yet and is remote enough that the phone company isn't even sure where it is and whether they service it).