Friday, July 27, 2007

I have no desire to type anything here.

Bleh. The doldrums get worse. I am dragging around like a slug. I ran out of coffee this morning. Blehbleh. I went to that place you all hate because some latte is better than no latte, and with the way I order it, it's good anyway. (Hello, five shots of espresso!)
Last night DH and I watched Walk The Line. I think I liked it, I'm not sure. DH thought it was great and had a nice happy ending. The ending was happy, alright, but DAMN. I'm just not sure I'd be thrilled to have all my indiscretions splashed about on screen. Anyway. I managed to finish Sockpal Sock #1 last night, except for the weaving of the ends and the fixing of the One Hole that always appears when I do a short row heel. Must take a class or something, because I'm clearly missing something. Anyway, I like the sock. I like my pattern, I like the yarn, etc. I hope knitting the second one doesn't kill me. I have great hopes to make big progress this weekend so my pal's package isn't much later than it already is.
Alas, I have no photos. The thunderstorm that knocked out our power killed the wireless router in our house, so the computer on which I store my photos has no internet access. (I am shocked to find out how useless I consider a computer with no net.) I hope to procure a new one this weekend, but we shall see. Circuit City on a weekend is not where I want to be. Maybe now DH will believe me when I tell him he needs to plug things into a surge protector...