Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The no-good, very bad blogger

I can't have been the first to appropriate (and mangle) that title for myself, but I believe it's quite true. It's been [checking] five days since my last post. I don't suppose that's terrible, as far as blog-slackers go, but I feel like it's been ages and ages.
Since then, I have made all-good, very nice progress on Swallowtail. I have finished the nupping, even managing to ladder down and re-nupp a nupp that had only four of the five loops nupped the first time 'round. It's not perfect, but I didn't have to tink back two whole rows of the little buggers, so I was happy. And not angering the gods, and all that. I have 10 rows of the last chart, plus the two or three setup rows prior to binding off, and they are taking me for-bloody-ever. I timed it last night, and the purl-back row took 15 minutes with no interruptions. The Bug loves him some interruptions, though, so I get a row here and there. The first round of my friend's chemo is Monday, so I hope to have some good solid knitting time tomorrow and this weekend and deliver it to her prior to her first appointment. No pictures as yet, because we've been told time and time again, knitted lace looks like ass on the needles and prior to blocking. (I have to work in a swear word here or there, since I was rated PG. What does it say about most of the bloggers I've seen, who all feel the need to "spice it up" a little to get a racier rating?)

I can't remember where I saw the blog rating thing (I wanna go back and see if I upped my rating, dammit!) but here, have this:


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I'm fairly certain my survival percentage would go up dramatically if I already had The Bug with me. DH can look out for himself - he's a big boy, right? Heh.

The Bug went on his first hike this weekend. We found a relatively flat trail with no cliffs or drop-offs nearby (soothingly named Bear Wallow) and let him walk along the trail with us while I pushed the empty stroller. He loved it and was a total trooper. He pooped out just before we got back to the car, which was an astounding half-mile walk for a kid whose legs are only about 8 inches long. I loved seeing him tromping through the grass, picking up rocks, and climbing over logs (heh, I typed blogs). We will have to schlep him back up there more often. It doesn't hurt that it's 20 degrees cooler up there, either. Alas, no pictures of the hiking, either, since I was happy to experience the occasion whole, instead of through a viewfinder. You'll have to imagine it.

I can't let the Bug fans down, though, so I will give you another from the last photo-shoot, with the mugging and the hat.

That was the "scale" puppy I used to mark his growth in photos. He's so big now... [sniff]