Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Who authorized the speeding up of the calendar? I swear I'm still in May. This is not good, people. Do you realize that Christmas is coming?
Actually, I'm mostly just exhausted. We've had some good rain here, which we needed most desperately, but it's bumped the humidity up and I am not a fan. One should not get sweaty when one is towelling off after stepping out of the shower. I swear, it's just not right.
Yesterday there were Big Announcements at my place of business. Our division is being sold to another company and the Nasty Stepmother who owned us before will soon be a bad memory. Most of us view this as a happy event, about which to be optimistic, but questions and extra work abound. After the initial shock wore off, there was much happiness and cheering. May we all still feel this way, this time next year.
Knitting proceeds slowly, due to heat, physical and mental exhaustion, and the general slowness of this pattern of mine. (Well, and due to the fact that I can't even follow my own pattern and I've had to rip several times. Sheesh, pay attention, self!) Next week begins The Month Of Family Visiting. I am looking forward to it, but it's another thing on the plate. If we'd kept the guest room as a guest room instead of The Pit Of Despair, it would be less exhausting. Last night I opened the door, intending to put a few boxes away. I surveyed the room, shut off the light and went away - it was just too much to think about. Tonight is SnB, after which I always feel energized (could it be the double-espresso latte and the caramel brownie? no, of course not, it's the company and the knitting) so maybe more will be accomplished and decent knitting photos will be taken. Maybe.