Sunday, January 13, 2008

Additional randomness

Yesterday, the DH cleaned the back yard. There were a ton of leaves, the dead pool, the dog yard cleanup, etc. The Bug helped Daddy clean all morning, and when it was all done, he played in the muddy water from the pool. No, it wasn't really warm enough to be playing in water outside, but that doesn't stop this kid. I think he was a walrus in a former life.


The havoc wreaking was not limited to outside, of course.
My eyelet sleeve:


Extreme close-up of the problem:

broken cable

That, my lovies, is a broken cable. [sob]

Last night we went out for a date for the first time in months. (I think we've hired our babysitter three times since the Bug was born.) We went to a bar where our friend's band was playing. They had a guest singer.


I, of course, brought the knitting. Because I am hip like that. Obviously, I couldn't bring the sleeve - too big, too broken, not good bar knitting. I brought the sock I started the other day with my fab Dizzy Blonde yarn that La gifted me over the summer. I was loving the toe, and then I started on the pattern, and another problem occurred.


Forgive the crappy photos - I am too lazy to take more. Now, I enjoy the pooling. I am a fan. I think it's neat. But when one side of the sock is one color and the other side another, I feel like I'm not getting the full effect of the yarn, ya know? Besides, the colors I like best (deep purple and salmon) were on the bottom. Riiiiiiiipp. I had to sit there for, like, an HOUR, and all I had to do was listen to music and drink beer! Oh the humanity!