Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wanna see what I knit this weekend?

Not. A. Stitch.

I have been flattened by a heinous bug. Not THE Bug, though he did his best to hurry me to my grave while I was laid low, but something else. Last year when I had no available PTO I was thankful that any illnesses I contracted managed to hit on Friday afternoons. Now that I have some time in the bank, I find being ill on a weekend particularly cruel. I didn't knit OR touch the computer for three days, which of course means I have surely lost this month's trivia challenge to Lene. (I was behind anyway, but the loss of three days of competition has surely put the nails in the coffin, as it were. I knew I was feeling better when I popped awake this morning and thought, "SHIT! I didn't play trivia!") I can hope that she won't rub my face in it too much since I was felled by illness, but I doubt it. ;-)