Friday, January 18, 2008

A is for Arizona!

Guess I better get on this whole ABC Along, huh? (I have totally dropped the ball on the spinning thing.)

A is for Arizona, the state of my birth and where I have lived for about 31 of my years on this planet. It's a deeply conservative place, and I managed to be a flaming liberal despite its best intentions. Southern Arizona, where I live, supports thousands of delicate species of critters from bugs and birds to mammals, and kills hundreds of homo sapiens a year who dare to cross her without adequate preparation. She's kind of a bitch that way.
BUT. She's not without beauty.

From Sabino Canyon:


From my back yard:


My favorite lake:

Cottonwood Property 009

All that being said, after 31 years I'm ready for a new scene, y'all.