Sunday, January 27, 2008

A little more on that last subject

So, it occurred to me that if I were going to make a point, I would have given it some thought and formed a central thesis with examples, like GayProf. (And my examples should have come from Wonder Woman, to be truly authentic.) Alas, that required work and thinking, and since I was already at work, where I avoid thinking as much as possible, I slapped that link on there and ran away.
I let it percolate all week and came up with precisely nothing new and thrilling.
I shall not bore you with rehashing the same old crap. Unfortunately, I have nothing else new and thrilling either. This last week or ten days has been full of flu, fighting, stupid stupid work happenings (mine and others, and when will I learn that I can't stick my foot in my mouth if I keep said mouth SHUT?) nastiness, and relationship morass, and I am ecstatic to be done with it. January can bite me. Though I gotta say, the DH had a good idea when he presented me with chocolate cake for breakfast. That brightens any outlook. And really, since I am scheduled to be in Disneyland next week, can February start any better?
On the knitting front, I got nada. I have half a sweater front, half a sock, and a new skein of hat yarn, none of which are photographed. I don't even have any new Bug shots. January sucked the life out of me. Maybe this rain will put some life back.