Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes, I have some photos to make Joan and all your northerners feel all warm and toasty. It's not actually warm and toasty here, but you can't tell that from the pics.
These were all taken as I walked to lunch in the office park where I work. As always, click to embiggen the warmykin-ness of it all.

Look! Grass! And it's green!

A pathetic picture of a purple pansy patch. (Hey, Mel did it, so can I.)

Oleander buds. (I don't feel the oleander love most of the time, but they're some of the earliest flowering trees around here. Most of the rest of the trees are just starting to bud leaves.)

A collection of bright flowers. The big yellow poppy things make me happy.

And since I have no knitting content, I will leave you with this quote my boss said the other day. I can't remember how it came about, but she said, "I'm out of yarn. I am going to work on something else for a while." I will let you ponder that for a minute. Out. Of. Yarn.

*I don't know where I got that word, but I like it and I say it all the time and it's my blog.