Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A day at the lake

We spent last weekend at the lake, and it was just what the doctor ordered. The Bug played in the dirt/mud/weeds to his little heart's content, and I sat in the shade and knitted a bit. We even got out on the lake for a couple short rides, but the combination of wind and lots and lots of rain for our area made the lake choppy, and full of debris. It's the highest I've ever seen it, just a foot or two shy of the high water mark, and has been low for so long that there are whole acres of trees underwater. Sunday we went up to the north end of the lake, drove to the marina to get gas, and made our way back to the launch.


The wind came up and kicked the waves up while we were in the marina, so what was a short little cruise there took three times as long to get back, fighting 4-6 foot swells the whole way! (For perspective, our little boat is 14 ft long.) I sat in the back, snuggling the Bug in his ginormous life jacket, and when I wrapped my sweater around his legs to keep him warmer, he decided all was well with the world and took a little nap. I don't know if it was because I was snuggling him or because he thought it was boring, but the level of this kid's fearlessness has me worried for his teenage years.

Here is a little panorama I made on Sunday. (It's a bit more than 180 degree view - the bridge was to the southeast of where I was standing, and the other end of the photo was due west. Click to embiggen, if you like.)


We had such a grand time while we were gone, and we all played so much, we were completely worn out when it was time to go.


And for Joan, who wants pictures of green, I present my lunch. Ahhh, avocado.


Pictures of actual knitting later, when I take the time to photograph some. (A bad blogger, I am.)