Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The suckingest blogger you know

outside of the porn industry.
Yes, it's been more than a week. I'd feel guilty about it but I'm too tired and lazy. Besides, I was raised Catholic and had a mother who was in the church pre-VaticanII. I fought the guilt fight with the best of them, and one lil ol' blog is not up to the challenge.
Anyway, I figure I should post at some point just because the longer I wait, the harder it gets. I have a lovely H post all lined out in my head, but it requires photography and light and well, me not being lazy. I shall get it together soon. Is this spring fever? This general restlessness and exhaustion and not being able to focus on any one given thing? Cuz it kinda bugs me.
Oooh, and regarding the link to the AZ Legislature stupidity in the last post - I filled out the little form and sent off the form letter to "my representatives", and today I got an email from one of said representatives! I almost tagged it as spam since I am so pathetic I don't even know the names of my state reps, but at least I know that little form worked, and hooray, my buddy Paula says there's not much chance of passing that racist bit of crap. This year.
I have been knitting a little, and spinning a little, but I have no photographs of those things either. (Though, hooray, I'm on my second bobbin of what I hope will become actual handspun sock-weight yarn! YAY.)
Instead, I will give you a second Bug-dictionary. Mostly because I can find common-use photos on the web.

"My coffee. I need coffee."

"Mama's coffee. Here, Mama."



"Thomas Train"


*The train's name is Percy