Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's all Cookie's fault, as usual

I think Stacey used that title for her goals too, but hey, whatever works. Cookie's one of those pushers who is subtle enough that you don't even realize the brainwashing. It's true. Try to resist her.
Anyway, the idea behind this is to list out goals for summer knitting. I joined the Summer of Socks and promptly lost any and all mojo for yarn and needles, so this is going to be designed to ease me back into the swing of things, slowly. (When I say I lost the mojo, I lost it completely. Monday I wound a bobbin of plied yarn into a skein, and that is the first time in over a month I've touched yarn except to move it out of my way. That mojo was GONE, yo.)

ETA: the original contest linky is here.

So. My goals.

  • Finish all socks on the needles. I can think of two offhand, but I think there are more.

  • Knit one pair for me, out of something I dye myself. (I have the dye bug for cotton now since BigAlice and her lovely article.)

  • Knit either BYOB or Traeth.

  • Crochet more tiny lace angels for my aunts' Christmas gifts. My goal is three each, a total of six.

That is the extent of the main list. I'm not going to kill myself knitting or berate myself for making crazy goals. (Hell, at this point, if I knit one whole row on anything I'll call it a success.) If time permits and/or my mojo comes back all screaming-eagle, I have a few more ideas, in no particular order.

  • Knit a pair of socks for DH.

  • Knit the baby-sized practice socks from the Cat Bordhi mind-blowing book.

  • Finally get off my butt and make Morning Glories.