Saturday, June 21, 2008

A new post to make the whining go away

Or at least not be the first entry on the page.

Oh, but first - whoever keeps finding my blog by searching for variations on "lusty grandmother videos" - whatever you're looking for, my blog ain't it. So sorry to have wasted your time.

So. Last night I was all whiny and weepy. I puttered around on the computer and whined to Cookie that she didn't blog to entertain me yesterday, and she responded with a nice rant that made me laugh, and a pat on the head because that's what you do when faced with mental people. I didn't want to watch TV, do laundry, clean the kitchen... WTF would I do with myself for a whole hour before bedtime? I'm sad to say that reading didn't even cross my mind, even though I owe Lene a book meme thing. (I also owe her socks. GAH.)
OH YEAH, I used to KNIT! Well, I didn't feel like knitting quite yet. It was too far to go out to the car like 20 whole feet away to get my knitting bag. I did, however, remember that I wasn't crazy about my handspun sock yarn, and had read that Etherknitter replied hers and liked it better. Hmmm, that sounded easy and brainless, so I did it.
(I would like to take this moment to say that even though everyone has told me I could use 3-in-1 oil, and didn't have to buy the expensive Ashford oil, I had to buy it anyway to get some other parts I needed that were only sold in kit form. That oil ROCKS. I hadn't touched my wheel in two months at least, and it still spun quite well without oiling.)
Anyway. I replied my sock yarn, and discovered there was now enough room on the bobbin to finish plying the last little bit of singles I couldn't fit when I first plied. I added them on, and discovered to my delight that the bobbins were fairly even. I'd split the roving by weight, but one bobbin looked fuller than the other. However, when I finally plied the last bits, I was left with


about three yards. Woo!

I wound it back onto my swift (soooooooo much better than a niddy noddy!)


Washed it, hung it to dry (which happened in about 10 minutes, thank you obscene heat and no humidity). I thinks I likes it.

P6210002 P6210001 P6210003

One sock's worth, about 225 yds/55g. Heavy fingering on average, though the yarn itself varies from DK to cobweb. Heh. Brown sheep roving (I think), dyed by me using Wilton's royal blue and black. (I intentionally did it all wrong so the dye would break, which gave me the nifty purple.) I have yet to spin the singles for the other sock's worth.

Fluffy thought the whole process was boring. She couldn't even be bothered to hold up her head to watch.


And now, a random photo of a gecko belly.