Wednesday, June 18, 2008


You want lurkers to come out and comment, just announce a pregnancy! ;-) Thanks for all the congrats, well wishes, and commiseration. The energy is creeping back into my life, though sadly, not for handwork, and the nausea is reduced, though not gone entirely. I went back to work in the office yesterday, and three different people told me, "Wow, you've really lost weight!" LOL I overdid it a bit yesterday, so today I'm back at home in my too-big, untied-drawstring pants, hiding out in the A/C and listening to water music. (Currently, either Yanni, George Winston, or some of the Lifescapes things you can get at Target. Ottmar Liebert is on my work-music playlist too, but his music puts me in mind of late afternoon Mediterranean heat and dancing in the piazza, and it's just too hot for that right now.)

C'mon, Sunday.

Soon, though, we leave for Montana. I will be forced to restart the handwork, because we are driving. (Yes, even with gas prices as they are, it's cheaper to drive than to fly.) Four full days of driving, out of the nine we will be gone. That constitutes a lot of car knitting. I have plans to restart and finish Lene's socks during that time (first pair for Summer of Socks, yeah!), and I'll be bringing the Charade socks out of my JenLa yarn. It's quite possible that's all I will bring, though if the mojo strikes hot and fast, there's a nice little yarn shop there, and the Mountain Colors factory (complete with baskets of millends, for $1 an ounce) just up the way. I wasn't really looking forward to this trip. I'm one of those who, when I feel bad, I curl up in the fetal position and DON'T go with the flow. However, I just looked at this


and now I'm excited for the trip. Wooo Montana!