Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have almost nothing

Except I have this:


My sad camera-phone photo skills do not show the glory of this dessert. Peach, kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and strawberry on fabulous custard in a touch-me-and-I'll-disintegrate pastry shell. Oh. Yeah.

While photographing that (what? My coworkers already know I'm insane) I felt the need to show you my desk, so you might understand me and the way my brain works.

(La, you might want to look away at this time. No, seriously. Okay fine, you were warned.)

0723081310 0723081312

Yes, it really does always look like that. Occasionally I tidy it up, file things, toss trash, etc. But then I can't find anything.

While I was doing that I figured I'd better at least pretend I still knit.


This sock has stalled for many many reasons, the last of which was that I was POSITIVE I'd knit it long enough for the foot but I wanted to measure to make sure. The sock to the right has been to Toronto and back for a fitting, and the length was good. (Width bad, hence new sock.) I was so sure I was almost done, and last night I measured to make sure and found out I have FOUR FLIPPING REPEATS left. Sigh. I can't afford to have SSS on this one since I still have to knit a THIRD sock (see "width bad" above). (At least having to knit both socks means I'll be eligible for sock-drawings for SoS, right?) I love sock knitting, but I will be thrilled when this particular albatross is in its new home warming the feet of a certain smart-ass Canadian/Danish blogger.