Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing along

(ETA proper linkiness and the warning that people are totally weird today and it's freaking me out. If I don't post for a while, somebody check the Tucson area police blotter to see if I need to post bail.)

So, KnittyOtter is doing a thing. I am blindly following the crowd going to play too, of my own free will!

1.) How long have you been knitting? 5 or so years, I think.

2.) How long have you been knitting socks? 2 years, since the original Knitting Olympics.

3.) What do you do with a problem like Maria? Seems like letting her out of the convent and giving her a bunch of urchins and a sexy Austrian in a uniform straightened her out right good.

4.) What is your all time favorite sock yarn? Cherry Tree Hill.

5.) Toe Up or Cuff Down? Toe up, please.

6.) What's your favorite color (this week or for all time)? Do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand? Mostly hate baby pink. Love blue/gray/periwinkle/violet.

7.) Do you have a pet(s)? Three dogs, a young son, and a husband.

8.) Babies: Oven Roasted or Barbecued? I prefer them raw. They're so crunchy.

9.) Besides socks what is your favorite type of thing to knit? You can knit something besides socks?

10.) What's your favorite scent? White musk from the Body Shop. Hot sidewalk when it's raining.

11.) What music are you really loving right now? Like a song or a band? Nothing really.

12.) How many pairs of socks have you hand knit? I dunno, 15?

13.) What's your favorite treat? Salty or Sweet? Yes, please.

14.) What was the most interesting thing you smelled yesterday. Not good or bad necessarily, just the thing that stuck out most so that you actually took notice of it. My own perfume is the only thing I can remember right now.

15.) Needles - DPN's: Wooden, metal or plastic? Metal circs please.

16.) What is your favorite sock pattern that you've knit? What do you recommend? Um, I like them all kinda the same.

17.) The last Question: If you were stuck on a deserted island who would you want with you, what knitting would you want with you and would you ever want to leave? Cotton/bamboo blend tank tops. Addi turbo needles. The DH, the Bug and the Noob. And an always on, high speed internet connection and infallible laptop. Oh yeah, and a gourmet chef who enjoys giving massages.