Saturday, July 19, 2008

A random conglomeration of crap

If my little crepe myrtle looks like this after a little rain, you'd think I'd water it and make it look like that all summer, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong.


DH sold his boat last week, and the Bug was inconsolable. I had no idea that a 2 yr old could actually process the fact that the boat was going to live with someone else and that it wouldn't be coming back. Or maybe he just didn't want to share.

I left my Lene sock at work, so I have been doing something else this weekend.


The line at the "cafe" at Costco was too long yesterday, so the DH spontaneously decided on Chuck E. Cheese. OMG. What a hell hole. The Bug, of course, loved every ear-splitting, animatronic, shrieking, whining, crying, sticky, crowded minute.


The DH is in southern California for just today, while I am at home researching these.

I am particularly prone to infected tastebuds, and they SUCK.

Friday morning we all happened to be up quite early, so we got dressed and went to breakfast before work. We went to the neighborhood greasy spoon, where I got a nice bit of eye-candy.


The picture is craptastic because I was trying to kinnear them, but there must have been 30 cops in there having breakfast when we got there. (Shrub was in town on Friday so I assume they had just finished extra traffic duty or something like that.)

The Bug is being disturbingly quiet, and I must go check out what he's doing. Don't let the innocent pose fool you.