Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Randomness abounds

Some more environmental Bush crap to keep an eye on. (It's like he's ACTIVELY trying to be the most detrimental president our baby country has ever seen.)

Flying turd.

The good thing about ridiculous heat is that yarn dries in about 12 seconds when hung outside.


Handpaint. Going for southwestern, ended up with Clown College. (It's much brighter in person.) Still, will make fun socks.


Dip Dye. I'm pretty happy with this one, even though there isn't as much difference between "medium" and "light" as I'd like.

If you can't tell, I was going for my own version of Duets yarn. Not to sell, of course - it was her brilliant idea - but just for my own use. I suppose it's one of the dangers of handmade. Those crafters among us think, man, I could totally make that! (Recently after a skein of Wollemeise went for $90+ on eBay, someone on Ravelry asked a general question regarding the upper limit you'd pay for yarn. Apparently, I will spend $25 on a skein, but not $28.)

Of course, with me, it can never be easy.


There is a fine line between tying the skein too tight and too loosely.

Hooray - an article pointing out that thin and fit/healthy are not necessarily the same thing!

Debit cards don't like the dryer.


I love that the Bug's hair is long enough to play with in the tub.


I also love that when he looks into that mirror, he says, "SO handsome." Heh.