Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ugh Sunday.

So, thanks for all the input last time. I do plan to buy the Beaverslide. I have the color all picked out and everything, and now it's just a matter of finishing up the Lene socks so I can allow myself to order the yarn. (The new yarn and Linden are my reward for finishing these long-overdue socks. Orders will be placed when they are in the mail to their new home.)
I love posting about stuff like this on the blog. Almost always, I think I have it all straightened out in my head, but your comments and the ensuing conversation help me see things that I hadn't noticed before. (In the money case, I have come to the conclusion that I will spend money like water on fleeting things, but if I actually BUY something with it, I will know where my money goes and it will be much easier to live in denial about my spending habits. Hey, you don't come here for maturity or grown-up behaviors, let's be honest.)
Further along the lines of spending money we don't have, we went to California on Friday. We left at lunchtime, drove over and stayed the night, and came home yesterday. 14 hours on the road for 16 hours in the state, including about an hour at the beach. (The kidlet LOVED it and was soaked in a matter of minutes.)

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The purpose of the trip was house-hunting. We are in the running for two houses in Escondido, and we wanted a walk-through and to see the neighborhood to make sure we weren't making a mistake. I hadn't been planning to take Friday off, but house worries kept me awake all Thursday night, and I was pretty well useless Friday morning anyway. Happily, we liked them both, and DH got a chance to test out his new commute (without much traffic, but at least he knows where he's going). Then it was back in the car and back to the heat. I'd been calling Tucson Satan's Armpit, but I have since decided I was wrong about that - that's Yuma, for sure. Ick. We managed to get home at a fairly reasonable time last night, but today, I still feel like this:


I have managed to do a little laundry, and I might do a little knitting, but other than that, it's nap time.