Friday, August 01, 2008


The responses to last post were very interesting and intelligent. I believe that was my favorite post ever and it really made me think. (Mostly I hate that, but in this case it was a good thing.)
The most interesting thing, I thought, was that those who favored genetics actually proved my point (in my thinking). Sarkasmo indicated that she'd lost weight, but at her current activity level she doesn't lose more. BigAlice mentioned that it took an extraordinary level of effort to lose weight, and that her brother did it once but didn't maintain it. To my way of thinking, both of those comments indicated that they COULD lose weight. Their genetic makeup may have made it more difficult than it would have been for someone else, but they did it. Sarkasmo lost to a point and has maintained from there, and BigAlice made the decision that the level of effort necessary to achieve further weight loss was not fitting in with what she wanted out of life. Both ladies (and one brother) lost weight - they just didn't lose weight down to Hollywood standards. For which I am profoundly grateful, cuz, YUCK.
I have no knitting, I have no pictures. It's been hot, dry and yucky. The rain is supposed to come back tomorrow YAYIT'SABOUTDAMNTIME but it's still gross outside. The DH is off again to California to do a whirlwind real estate tour. I'd go with him, but I'd never leave the beach, so I'm holding down the fort here while he checks my list of homes against what he should know about me by now after eight freaking years knows about my tastes, likes and dislikes, and his own. It is my profound hope that he will find The One that is really great (unlike the previous three The Ones, all of which were purchased before we could make an offer) and I won't have to think about anything anymore. For those of you who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, what's new? we are planning to move to southern California at the beginning of the new year and leave Satan's armpit behind.
In other news, I have made another boy. DH is ecstatic, I'm pretty happy (because the boys will share a room and I'll get a craft room back) and I'd be completely over the moon if he hadn't blabbed the name we hadn't decided on completely yet to everyone, including the namesake of the name I hadn't settled on yet. (Sorry Uncle Jim Bob, we're naming him Billy Joe instead of Jim Bob like we said before.)
If you are inclined, send nice thoughts or prayers to my little bump. There's nothing wrong with him except that his mother is completely neurotic and stresses over all the things that could be wrong. Maybe you should send valium instead.