Monday, September 22, 2008


I did a little on the blog over the weekend, while waiting for work things to load. (How did the internet EVER get so great if we all started on dial-up? I mean really.) I'm making progress on my end of year goals without really killing myself yet, though I'm also in denial about how quickly that end-of-year thing is coming up.
This weekend I did work, we all cleaned the house, and we had Bug's friends-party at Chuck E Cheese. It was quite nice - we actually had almost 20 people once you included parents, older siblings, and us, and we really didn't spend a whole lot more than we would have doing something at home. Plus, no clean up! No prep! No cooking! Except, of course, baking the cake:


After his "taste" (aka, licking the beater) We couldn't convince him that it was HIS cake - he was so sure it was for Daddy...

But seriously, Chuck E Cheese? Next time, if you're not going to serve booze, at LEAST give the parents a set of earplugs when we walk in.

And on a completely random note, apparently the fashion for fall is "retro-stewardess-schoolgirl", according to Kohl's.

I'm not sure what the field means.