Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I blame the Noob.

I got taken down a notch.
First, though, I changed my swear word tagline in honor of October. (I change them monthly.) That one had been up there since Sept 1, but I think only Nora noticed it. (ETA: okay, only Nora said anything about it.) It was a little more blatant in the new template. Joan, in particular, was thrilled with it (NOT) so I changed it for her.

Now for the notch-taking. I think it was because I was all smug about all the crap I finished this weekend, and I was particularly proud of myself for swatching for Linden. Using the size 8 needles gave me 15.5 st/4in, instead of the 14 I needed. So, yesterday I went and borrowed Lynn in Tucson's size 7 Options tips to reswatch. [cue scary music] I finished the swatch this evening and proudly showed it to my knitting buddy Lisa. We discussed what a firm fabric it made, and I told her about the gauge, and then she pointed out the obvious. I needed to go UP a needle size. UP. UPUPUPUPUPUPUP. Gah. I am officially a dummy. I would feel less dumb about it if I hadn't actually gone and borrowed Lynn's 7s. (Bug lost mine for me.) I even ordered some new ones. I KNOW where my 9s are. Sigh.