Friday, September 26, 2008


ETA again: anyone know why my blog subtitle is too far left? I don't know much CSS and have futzed with everything I can think of to futz with.

So, the other day I needed a quick win. I decided to dig out and rip that lace. I hated it, and I wasn't going to bother to continue knitting on something I hated. I should know by now (see here) that when I want a quick win, I should NOT do anything that requires yarn winding.
Three days later, I finally managed to rip and reskein that yarn. (I had wound it in a ball doubled, and decided to skein it up singly so I could dye it, and well, it's a little fuzzy.) I only broke it (mumble mumble) times. Sigh. But, it's done, and it's lovely, and it's moving out of my house and going to live somewhere else. If anyone can rehab recalcitrant lace, it's Cookie.
Anyway, I don't know how quick that win was, but it's one more thing "finished" for the year.
ETA:(Oh yeah, and I looked back in my archives, and it turns out that I ALWAYS write a "I'm tense and overwhelmed because it's fall" post at the end of September. See? Nothing to do with the hormones.)