Friday, September 19, 2008


Thanks for all the birthday luv for my little man. He had a satisfactory birthday that included a giant Thomas cake, Thomas figurines, new Thomas movies, and the ability to blow out a candle not once, but three times! (The kid can't NOT blow out a candle. He even involuntarily blows at candles on TV or in pictures.) He's enjoyed the new classroom at daycare too. For months, he'd stand at the gate waiting for his morning hug from Miss Sheila, and Thursday, he finally got to run triumphant through the gate and take his rightful place at her table amongst the other three year olds. I never quite noticed the longing he was feeling until I saw his face as he got to join the big kids. It's going to kill the whole family to leave this daycare in a few months. Seriously. It's quite possibly the best daycare in the whole world.


"Made in China" isn't coming so cheap as it used to.


I am making progress on my end of year goals.

First Monkey, done.


Second Charade, started.


I have a little secret project going on myself, which is actually quite tiny and shouldn't take up too much of my time. I still haven't mailed the Lene socks (though as of yesterday I had all the package bits ready to go and just need to pack them up) so I hadn't even swatched for Linden. Fortunately for me, too; there were some errors discovered, and I only got the corrected PDF this morning. Now I just need to decide whether the aunts will be getting applique projects (wallhangings or aprons or something) or lace stoles. Oh yeah, and get to working on all this crap.


OMG, and also, do you see my little counter to the left? People, less than 100 days till the Noob is due to arrive. Holy shit, I am not ready. (And knitters? Less than 100 days till Christmas. Just sayin'.)