Sunday, September 14, 2008

The weekend is dead. Long live the weekend.

Quite a productive weekend for us. Saturday dawned, cranky and pissy. We had a birthday party to attend, and the parents of the birthday boy were having as bad a day as we were, and the child and parents were about 45-60 minutes late for their own party. However, once everyone got there, they sucked it up, got to grilling and playing and bouncing, and everyone, including my cranky self and my cranky ass family, had a grand time. Then we all went home and had a nap and pancakes for dinner, and really, how could we stay pissy after that?
This morning the DH woke up all ready to clean. It's a good thing, too - it's been two weeks since the cleaning lady came last, and since we aren't terribly efficient, we'd clean bits throughout the week, so the house was never clean all at one time. Today, though, the DH got a wild hair, and gave me new carpet.


Not really, but he spot cleaned and rented a steam cleaner and sucked tons of dirt, mud, dog accidents, kid food spills, etc. I do not exaggerate when I say that the carpet had at least 20 large dark stains this morning. (He even managed to get out the spot where Bug stepped on a blackberry in the middle of the carpet.)
I can't even begin to tell you how much better everything else looks just to have the carpet clean again.

This weekend I also finished the rest of my appliqué homework.


I worked on my end-of-year goal. Haiku, DONE!


I think the little pearly heart-shaped buttons make it special, and I hope they draw the viewer's attention away from the wonky sleeve seaming. What a weird construction - I don't think I'd do another side to side sweater with a one-piece body. I didn't like sewing the sleeves in. BUT! Done it is, and since the little girl it was intended for has long since outgrown it, it will go to one of the Bug's little girlfriends, if it fits her.

Speaking of the Bug, he's growing up. Dammit.