Monday, October 06, 2008

Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

Or brownies, as the case may be.

Today, I gotsa whole lotta nuthin'. My hormones are kicking in, full force, and it forces me to alternate between weepiness and hating everyone and everything. Mostly I feel the hate. I also feel the urge to bake. I don't know if the two are related.

Also, I have truly gone over to the dark side. I bought crocs. I kindof love them so long as I don't actually LOOK at them.

(BTW, the color in this photo is not good - my skin is not terribly sallow, I am wearing bright lime green socks. Yes, I really am. With blue shoes, and brown pants. And a pink shirt. If Bug has taught me one thing, it's that "matched" is relative.)

They make good preggo clogs - I can wear socks and have a more enclosed shoe, they're loose enough that they won't cut off circulation if my ankles swell, and they didn't cost me a gajillion dollars. Keep your Louboutins; I have blue rubber mary janes. Bug wanted to buy some too, but since he has many pairs already, I told him no. When we got home, he immediately kicked off his (croc) flip-flops and put on his blue (croc) clogs, and said proudly, "Look, I have blue shoes too!" The kid is a (croc) fiend.

Knitting-wise, I am making progress on both Linden and Faina. I would like very much to start knitting on the Sea Silk which came over the weekend but Faina is taking up my size 4 tips, and my size 3 circ hasn't arrived from Knitpicks yet. (I know it has been mentioned before, but how on earth is it that I can order from Knitpicks, and two days later I order from The Loopy Ewe, and Loopy's package gets to me before I even get a shipping notice from Knitpicks? Is Loopy that good, or is Knitpicks that ridiculous, or both? I swear Kelly has a spot in the warehouse where people put things to "marinate" or something before they officially get mailed.) Anyway, I'm going to have to ration the sea silk a little or I'll never want to finish the horribly scratchy alpaca Faina (cuz seriously? everything is scratchy next to sea silk). We won't even talk about the Beaverslide - it's yummy, but y'all, it's no sea silk.

Also, I am sad. I ordered Nancy Bush's new Estonian Lace book several months ago, thinking it would be a lovely present to myself near my birthday. Today I got news that it's going to be a month late at least. Alas. (Not that I have TIME to knit any Estonian lace these days, but STILL.)

And in a Whose Kid Is This moment, here is some kid:


Sitting happily on my couch, watching my TV, surrounded by my son's books and colors and paper. He's not my kid though - he wouldn't eat the caramel apple unless I took the caramel off. The weirdo.