Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doing a little part

A few bloggers I enjoy have gotten on the intarwebs to tell us all to vote NO on Prop 8. Alas, I cannot do this. (ETA: I CAN make a donation. See here for a really good reason why.) As much as I would like to travel to CA to cast my ballot to strike down constitutionalized discrimination, I am not a resident yet. So, if you are a resident, do please see through all the hype and lies that the opponents are spewing and strike down that bit of bile. The world can only get better if there's more love in it.
I CAN, however, toddle over to my local Arizona voting place and say NO ON 102! Prop 8 in CA is getting all sorts of airtime everywhere, but here in lil ol' AZ, 102 is quietly sliming along like a slug, and I'm disgusted. Here's my biggest qualm with the whole idea - why the hell does anyone CARE who else gets married? Do I give a rat's ass about two guys calling each other husband and being recognized as such by the state? (Well, yes, I do, which is why I'm voting NO, but you know what I mean.) It doesn't affect me ONE BIT who else gets married around here. Those people who will wring their hands and say it devalues marriage should look around and see what marriage looks like in the news in this country. Check out these people. They're all legal, and doing a great part for the institution of marriage. How about this guy? How about the couple (can't find the link now) who came up with the plot to sell their 6 yr old into sex slavery for a mobile home and a car? Are they upholding the values of marriage? Are they thinking of the children? If we're worried about the state of marriage, why isn't adultery and divorce illegal? (Tell me that one, Anita Bryant.) Are we straight married people worried that someone will take away our Members Only jackets? C'mon, people, we're better than this. Sorry to have to argue this, but "because all humans deserve basic rights" is apparently not enough of a reason.
/political rant

And now for fibery news.
Um, I got nuthin'. No wait! I got sock batts! Custom blended by Lynn in Tucson, who borrowed a drum carder and all the wool bearing animals within a hundred miles felt a shiver of fear. (I think if she weren't having so much fun making this stuff for herself she'd have a lovely etsy shop. I for one would shop there.)


(No, there aren't sparkles blended into the fiber, those came from the tissue paper it was wrapped in.)

I'm still knitting along on my projects, and they look roughly the same as before, only longer. Exciting stuff, I know. I was thrilled to find not two but FOUR more balls of the alpaca I'm using for Faina. I was a little concerned that it was going to be too short, since I'm just shy of half way as it's written and it's about two feet long. I'll be adding a repeat to that puppy now that I can. I have 12/30 repeats done on Aunt Helen's scarf, and a few more rows on Linden. Chugging away, I am.

Mama's canine helper.