Wednesday, October 15, 2008


That's what you are. All hoots.
I'm going to have to "get" Cookie for that, but I'll have to let the ideas percolate a little. I wish Stacey was going to be around - she seems like she'd be good at revenge. Maybe I should get Joan involved. She loves Cookie, so she might not be inclined, but I get the feeling she hides her evil side well. Plus, Cookie trusts her so I bet she knows ALL the good secrets. Hahahahahahaha....
I especially liked all the comments that said, "You don't know me but Cookie said to come here and I always do what Cookie says."
Anyway, I had a great birthday, in no small part due to the cute comments y'all left. We had dinner with my family (including blackberry cobbler, YUM) my husband managed to find me a new coffee maker AND not break the bank (after 8 years I had no idea the man could shop bargains) AND I got a new battery for my camera. All those pictures from last post came from my cell phone. They are exceedingly nice, especially for a cell phone camera, but I do miss my regular camera. Now if I could just find the charger...
Alas, that's all she wrote. I haven't done much knitting the last few nights, haven't taken any new pictures since I haven't charged my new battery, mostly I've just been coasting along. Tonight I have no plans so maybe I'll get a few rows on some project that I love.