Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It was the brownies.

I went with the brownies. I make them from scratch and I altered the recipe a little, because I think as it's written they come out too greasy.


I hadn't bothered to make them the other day - by the time I finished the photos for the last post, I wasn't hormonal or hating anymore. Wednesday, though, I got some pretty awful news regarding my job, and how said job will not allow me to telecommute from California even though they'd originally said I could. We hates them, my precious, and we bakes brownies to compensate. So, in the midst of our fine economy, I'll be unemployed after my maternity leave ends. (At least my boss, who had no say in the final decision, offered a good reference and called HR to make sure I didn't need to do anything special to still keep my maternity leave intact. Yay.)

Anyway, I also have wool and sea silk to comfort me. I spent some time on Linden and I petted my two skeins of sea silk. I do believe I'll be casting on one of the scarves soon, because... well, it's sea silk, I'm pissy, and I wanna. So there. My Knitpicks order arrived yesterday and I now have the needles to do one of the scarves. (The other scarf needs the Faina needles, so I'll need to haul on her soon.)

(That's Moss and Agate, and Blogless Lynn, I have stored them in a secure offsite location with guards and cameras...)

(I also got my chart keeper from Knitpicks, and I can say without reservation that I love it wholeheartedly and it might just be one of my favorite ever accessories. Seriously.)

I may have been tugging on the Beaverslide a little hard last night.