Friday, October 24, 2008

Over and out.

Well, it's finished. The reason I hesitated to mention the idea that we were planning to move to California in the first place, several months ago. Friday we walked away from the deal and told the broker and the real estate agent we were no longer interested in the property. That's not entirely true - we were still interested in the property, but we weren't interested in jumping through any more (ever more shady) hoops, increasing fees and doubled closing costs, a monthly mortgage payment that was suddenly $500 more than they'd estimated, and my lack of job. Today was the last day of the extension for closing, and we told them that due to all of the above, we were no longer able to purchase the house.
The realtor and the broker were...unhappy. I am thanking my lucky stars that they had DH's cell phone number and not mine.
I was so thrilled to have the weight off my shoulders that I was bouncing off the walls all afternoon. I still think DH is sad about it, and to be honest, I am a little too, but it seems that when something is so painfully difficult, maybe it was never meant to be.
So, we're going to take the rest of the down payment and closing costs, finish paying off some debts, have a little fun, and finish what we'd started here at home. I think the thing I learned best from this whole exercise is what I was no longer willing to pay for. We downsized our life and our expenses quite a bit to finance this operation, and I'm not willing to let myself get back to where we were. I like living within my means. It's a new thing for me.

Part of the "have a little fun" was to go to the first Tucson wool festival. (Actually, there's been one at Withers' farm for several years, and that was today also, but this is the first time there's been a festival sponsored by the guild.)
I left my camera and my wallet (!) in the car whilst walking around, but after lunch (at the Cow Palace nearby, natch) I remedied the wallet situation and visited my new BFF, Ken. Check out my new pretties.



Orifice hook, lap bowl and supported spindle. I thought the supported style might allow me to spin finer stuff. (Like the baby camel that Lynn In Tucson is currently trying to convince me to blend with silk.) You know, once I learn how to use it.
And of course, the obligatory fiber-on-feet shot.