Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday at last...

First, if you're inclined in this heinous economy, consider sending a few dollars to fund the project of a teacher in a low-income area. And just maybe Alice will remake the Love is a Battlefield video.
I made it through the week, surprisingly. I finished my heinous deadline (the one that, had I missed, I likely would have been sacked for), made good progress on the next one and even learned a trick to work from home that allows me to finish things without having to jump through hoops, so my next deadline should be okay too.
I saw the midwife yesterday and was happy to see that even though the Noob is measuring big, I haven't gained any more weight (I gained too quickly in the second trimester and they suggested I "slow it down" - don't worry LynnM, I'm eating PLENTY) and my blood pressure is great. I'm pretty thrilled about that stuff.
I even went to City Court AGAIN to get ANOTHER copy of my speeding ticket so I could take care of driving class. (DH threw it away while cleaning out my car. I'd be mad if he weren't already doing me a favor, and if I had taken care of it when I got it, or better yet when I got the ticket originally, it wouldn't have been an issue.)
Nora told me to take it easy and stop nesting for the weekend. I wish I could. I washed walls today. I washed THE SOAP DISPENSER, people. I clearly have a problem.
Knitting-wise, I made some progress on Linden whilst sitting in City Court. Aran-weight yarn makes for quick knitting. :-D It also makes for sore wrists, so I've been alternating Linden with Faina. Size 4 needles after size 9 needles feel awfully strange, but it's nice alternating the different textures of the super soft alpaca and the chunky, tweedy wool, too.
Some graphic proof that I purl looser than I knit, even when I'm making a conscious effort to tighten up... I manually tightened the last six stitches in a row of purls on Linden and got this:


Two extra inches of yarn from six purls.

And a sure sign of fall: