Thursday, October 30, 2008


Tomorrow is Halloween, people. Oy. I have no costume for my kid, no candy to dole out, the punkins are uncarved, and we have an appointment tonight. I should totally not be wasting time going to work when I have this much to do.
We're making lists about what we want to do with our house. There are still projects to be done in almost every room, and we're looking at the best ways to use our space, make our place as cozy and homey as possible, and enjoy the heck out of it, since we've decided to stay. (The appointment tonight is with a pool contractor, which will go a LOOOOOOONG way toward making this house livable in the summertime.) VUBOQ's recent pottery is inspiring me with the color (I haven't stopped thinking about the rose, blue and brown combo of the coffee mug since he posted it), and we're talking about flooring and colors in the bedrooms and office now. We have a little bit of a schedule for at least the guest room - it needs to be livable by Christmas since we have a series of family and friends coming to stay from Christmas week through the end of spring. Gimme some color ideas, y'all! It's currently a dark sagey green, but as it has one north-facing window and is a rather narrow room, it's pretty dark. Ultimately it will be transformed into a shared office for DH and me (when we turn what is currently his office into a better guest room) so it can't be anything DH will veto. Furniture so far is medium to dark wood. I'm thinking a medium golden peachy color. (VUBOQ's color combo is being saved for MY bedroom! DH is going to have to deal with the rose walls, he gets no say. Okay, he gets a little say, but I'll probably get my way anyway.)
Knitting proceeds apace. Same ol' same ol'. Bor. ing. All the cool kids are knitting with beads and I WANNA! I could do the votives but it's not the same. Wahhhhh. I shall continue to knit away on my WIPs, because do you see? That little counter on the sidebar? 56 days to Christmas, and counting.