Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday recap

This was a nice weekend, I'll say. The weather was fantastic thanks to a fast moving storm that brought rain and wind to the area, then cleared out and left blue skies. (I don't mind blue skies when the temperature is nice.) Yesterday we had a high of 82, and today we never made it out of the 60s. HEAVEN.
Yesterday we drove down to Willcox to let Bug run in the punkin patch with his buddy S. They must have run miles, back and forth, S's mom and DH chasing them while S's dad and I stood in the field and watched them and laughed. (Hey, Mama don't run, and C told me he didn't want to just leave me standing in the field. Heh, smart man.)


Finally the only way we could get them back to the tractor for the hayride back to the barn was to carry them.


Two of the three loves of my life. (The third is currently not available for closeups without heavy-duty equipment.)


The boys were in heaven with all the tractors.


Today I did my housecleaning and sat on my butt looking out the window and knitting on various projects. It was all I could do to put the sea silk aside for the beaverslide or the alpaca, but I managed it. The alpaca doesn't photograph well, mostly because I'm too lazy to pin it out to make it look right.


Linden is just a big rectangle (well, truth be told it's a trapezoid) but here it is.


It's the sea silk that I'm loving most right now.


Of course, being lace it looks like boiled ass without blocking, but I'm loving it. I switched from scarf #1 to scarf #2, as I liked the waviness better. That picture does nothing for the color of the yarn, though. Here's one that shows a little better the glow of that fine stuff.