Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's Sunday and I have no desire to do anything today. DH went to a Harley rodeo yesterday and I stayed home and cleaned the house and knitted on the sea silk. Today I'm done with the cleaning, and the DH is doing more adobe, and I really just feel like laying around like a slug.
First, though, I have to show you what the mailman brought me.


Cookie sent me her gorgeous Shetland Triangle. There may also have been chocolate, but there is no photographic evidence of that. I remember her saying something about a modelled shot, but since "no desire to do anything" includes showering, and also I have a cold sore the size of Montana, there will be no modelling. Maybe later when I've finished Linden and can model them both.
For now, I MAY consider going through some of my fabric stash that lives in the Bug's bedroom, and maybe pack up and purge his closet. (Poor kid has never actually USED his own closet for anything.) I might also think about baking some Halloween cookies. I might also just turn on the AC (yes, really) and veg until Bug is finished with Bee Movie (ugh) and I force him to actually go outside and play.

ETA: Would anyone out there with experience reviewing résumés like to take a peek at mine and give me pointers?