Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Beware of baked goods

Cuz it means I'm having issues.


Yes, my stove is really that dirty. It's DH's turn to clean it, and he likes to leave things to sit until I can't stand it and clean them myself, and I'm not falling for it this time.

Anyway, that is the rest of the pumpkin I made last weekend. In deliciously dense bread form, the perfect vehicle for a slab of cream cheese. That should be enough calories to drown out the fact that the DH got laid off today. (Yes, really.) I told him that the lesson to be learned there was that he actually really liked his job, and bosses can't stand it when you're not downtrodden and broken at work.
(LMAO - DH just now turned the TV on, and there was a news bit about how money stress causes pregnant women to go into early labor. Ironically, the story finished up saying that if it was the spouse who lost HIS job, most women went full term. Dammit.)

But look, I have a new button.


You know you wanna steal this button.