Saturday, November 01, 2008


I stayed home on Friday and caught up on my sleep and rest. I got some work done around the house and did some laundry. I cleaned the kitchen and then destroyed it again getting all pumpkiny. I had four baking pumpkins, so I channeled the Pumpkin Queen and got to baking.

I made a little mess. I may have overbaked them a little, but they came out okay.


The DH made a comment about pumpkin pie, and would you believe that after 8+ years together I only just realized pumpkin is his favorite? Bug and I got to working.


And despite the questionable age of the condensed milk and the effed up crust (which was actually the best one ever, I'm going to eff up more often) it was pretty nice.


The Bug enjoyed the heck out of his Halloween costume. Turns out that all he really needs is a hat...


I think he'd still be wearing his Woody costume if he hadn't smeared chocolate all over it.

Yesterday we napped, cleaned, kicked around, and generally wasted our Saturday in the most satisfying way. Today the DH is off riding his Harley around the dusty state, and the Bug and I had a lunch date and went flower shopping. He picked out some purple petunias and a red amaryllis, and also some scilla bulbs, which I'll try to force inside. I got some stock and some alyssum, and at some point this afternoon I suspect I will be digging in the dirt with my boy. I think I'll try to get him to nap first, cuz I could sure use one.