Friday, November 14, 2008

For Stacey

Yeah, I'm actually posting on a Friday because Stacey whined and told me I should, and laid the whole "I have a chronic disease and a brain cloud and my tummy hurts pity me" trip on me. If I didn't have a bunch of random stuff today, I'd have told her to get a hobby. Okay, I DID tell her to get a hobby, but it didn't work. (Personally, I feel like since she's got Super-Sexy-Cheese-Lovin'-Dude (SSCLD) who takes care of her when she feels ucky, and a new place, and gets to go to the beautiful lake all the time and roam around on acreage, she shouldn't be complaining. But that's just me.)

Aunt Helen's scarf may kill me. It's beautiful, I love it, it's soft, I had the pattern memorized ages ago so I can just pick it up and knit, and MY GOD WHEN WILL IT BE OVER? I got to the end of it, according to the pattern (31 lace repeats) and realized I still had about 20% of the ball left. Since that amounts to 20 grams and the scarf itself was probably a little shorter than I wanted and only weighed 75 grams WITH the needles, I figured I'd better go to the end of the ball. I'm having to bribe myself to do it, and wheedle, and whine, and cajole. Each lace repeat takes 3 grams. (Yeah, I know, the scarf should weigh more if each repeat really took 3 grams, but I don't care, that's how I remember it.) As of this morning, I had about 11 grams left in the ball. Three repeats more, plus enough left over to mock me. An hour and a half of knitting, then I can block this thing and admire its beauty instead of cursing its unfinished existence.
Gee, and then I can start on the next one.

The DH cleaned the stove. Yes, I WIN! (Yes, I am that childish, I can't believe it would shock you at this point.) He cleaned most of the kitchen, in fact, and acted like he'd be cleaning elsewhere in the house today. (I can't remember why I'd decreed it was his turn to clean the stove in the first place, but I'm sure I had a completely arbitrary good reason.
On the job front, he's updating and mailing out resumes, and also looking into the insurance he'd need for consulting with his old work. It's weird - he was told by the people who want to hire him that it should be in the $1500-2000 yearly, but he's been quoted up to $20,000 and most places don't want to write a policy on it at all. He has two promising leads today - if he can buy the insurance today it's likely he can start officially working on Monday, which means, YAY CHRISTMAS. (Cuz people? 41 days.) (And also, the other night I had a dream that between my normal Wednesday post and my Sunday post, I had the baby and had a REALLY good Sunday post. Alas, no.)(Which is fine because he's not done cooking yet, and all the baby clothes are in the box on the very bottom of the pile behind another stack of DH's heavy crap.)
Other randomness... Hmm, well, it's supposed to be in the low 80s this weekend, so I think we're going to have a family day and head to the zoo. We also REALLY need to get the Bug a hair cut. While it makes bath-time hair sculpting totally entertaining...



... it's getting a little ridiculous, especially since we usually don't brush it between bedhead and school time, unless he gets a shower. (If he had a bath the night before, it's Dennis the Menace hair for him.)

Anyway, Stacey, be careful what you wish for. A big fat post full of nuthin'. Maybe Sunday I will have a FO and some zoo pics.