Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still a loser

But an organized one.
I got a wild (nesting) hair to clean again. I have been working in my bedroom for the last few days. DH has been nesting too, though his nesting comes in the form of removing every piece of greenery in the back yard that he doesn't want to maintain and that doesn't offer shade. (If he tried to touch my ash trees they'd never find his body.) So far we've lost two very ill citrus trees, some sort of tall shrub/short tree that had died, and its partner, and about 50 feet of shrubbery along the fence. I hear tell that the old cracked, leaking and scarily wired spa is going bye-bye too. The yard looks huge.
Since yesterday, I cleaned and rearranged the little stuff on the dressers in the bedroom, finished cleaning out my side of the closet, including the purging of shoes, installed my old stereo back again, and am currently in the midst of documenting and purging the rest of my stash. I started with this.


(That doesn't include the stuff in my yarn vase or in the WIP basket, but I think that's all catalogued on Ravelry anyway.)

I sorted through my box of no-longer-used needles, I made a pile of stuff to donate, I organized and photographed. Turns out that if you include the undyed sock yarn I have (roughly 1.5 lbs) I have a whole tote of sock yarn. (Well, there are three tiny skeins of laceweight in there too.)


I'm working my way through the bigger yarn tote, and a lot of that is going to Goodwill. (Why in the hell did I think I needed 10 skeins of black acrylic fingering weight yarn?) I had to stop and download photos since I'd filled up my camera card. I wasn't only taking pictures of yarn.




Back to the salt wool mines.