Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday means more of the same

I baked bread again last night. I am sick with what I'm fervently hoping is a head cold and not a slow-moving strep (I am particularly susceptible to strep, it seems) and am having a hard time sleeping anyway, so I cleaned the kitchen and finally used up those bananas I bought. (I was in the mood for banana bread, but the Bug eats bananas so quickly I had to buy two bunches and stash one in the garage.) No pictures, as they look very much like the bread from the last post, only less orange.
No, DH did not clean the stove yet, so that looks the same too, only the little pasta shells are charred. I. Am. Not. Cleaning. It.
Thanks for all the good wishes on DH's job. The company eliminated the vast majority of positions in DH's division in favor of using third parties and outside vendors, so his old boss suggested he get on the vendor list and keep doing what he had been. If it works out, it could be really good, allowing him to work from home during the better part of my maternity leave. There would be some travel, which wouldn't be fantastic, but we could deal. If it doesn't work out for any reason, it could be extra bad, since he is putting all his career eggs in this little basket. When you're not knitting, keep your fingers crossed for us.
Speaking of maternity leave, do you see the counter? 46 days plus a little. I am SO not ready to have a baby lying around the house in 46 days. There will come a point where denial doesn't work any more, and that point is barreling down on me. I have four million things to do at work and no motivation or brain power to do them. (I mentioned that to someone at work, and he was astounded that I'd even think about it. He kept saying, "It's not your problem." But, um, it is. There are 5 writers and 11 products. If someone covers for me and does my work? Their work doesn't get done. All our big products have big deadlines either during or immediately after my maternity leave. We are all a leetle stressed.)
Today, I am hoping for a tad more energy than yesterday. I think I went outside yesterday, but can't remember. Today I hope to take my long-haired hippy kid to the barber. And maybe take a shower. And maybe knit.

And this is entirely random, but did you know that angels occasionally fly with the RAF? Cuz WOW.