Monday, January 05, 2009


Yes, I am a big chicken. Somewhere back in time I made this statement about ripping out what wasn't finished by the end of the year. Yeah, not gonna do that. It was a welcome push to get some things done, though, and it did help me to get a few things off my psyche. The horrid lace and sonnet were ripped, Haiku was finished, and .... hmmm, a couple other things I can't quite recall at this point. I made some progress on the other things I had going, I knit scarves for The Aunts, I enjoyed myself. Now my plan is to not beat myself up about having those WIPs. When the time comes that I can't think of what I want to knit, I'll look at my little list and pull something out. Or I'll start something new. Or whatever I feel like. I'm done feeling guilty about my fun hobbies.
Along those lines, I started something new. (Linden? What Linden?) My gauge is already 3 st/4 in off from my gauge swatch, but I think it will be fixable in the pattern without having to rip what I've already done. (Fingers crossed.)

Pretend there's a picture here - I'm too lazy to go take one.

Noob isn't Noob anymore, he's Squeaker. Squeak for short. Blame the DH for that one, but it fits.

For those of you who are missing your Bug fix (you can't fool me, I know you come here just to see kid photos and hear poopy stories and that sort of parental crap) here is a picture. He's been anti-photo lately, unless he's the one taking the photo, so he was "hiding" behind the light, but you get the gist. I can't stand it how this three year old suddenly looks like a teenager sometimes. (But then he got all excited about the stingrays on Planet Earth that we were watching together and gave me a big hug, so he's not fully morphed into a teen yet.